Reading Cerebus - Volume 1 (Cerebus)

Cerebus Volume 1 - 'Cerebus'I finished reading the first of the Cerebus “phone books” a week or so ago.

Based on what I know of the rest of the series, this book is nearly a stand-alone volume, comprised largely of independent 1-3 issue arcs, rather than a large-scale story built upon previous content. Near the end of this volume, the series takes a fairly clear turn towards a longer, more purposeful narrative, which is what will drive the remaining 250 or so issues of the series.

What follows will not be censored for spoilers and such, so please only move past the cut if you’ve already read these issues and/or don’t mind having plot points discussed.


Please don’t explode.

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Reading Cerebus.

My project for this summer is going to be reading the entire 300 issue, 6000 page run of Dave Sim’s Cerebus.